Since Conventional watermeter inspection equipment is huge-scaled equipment for testing analysis
on mass supply of watermeter, it had much limitation in space, power and budget. Accordingly, many manpower and costs are being invested at present for the settlement of civil petition in small and
medium cities. According to the need of swift and credible equipment at each household, we developed
this equipment.
  The conventional Watermeter Inspection equipment was too big and complicate, and moreover had
   the time and space limitation. With this inefficiency and high costs, it is difficult to inspect watermeters
   swiftly. In order to solve these problems, we developed compact typed Watermeter Total Inspection
   Equipment. It is easy to handle in anytime and anywhere and also gives customers high credibility.
With the inverter typed control device, automatic operation became workable and the test of watermeter
    is also became workable in stable state.
By adopting standard volume meter, electronic flowmeter and rotameter, mutual comparable inspection
   of standard flowmeter is possible and by two steps' control of solenoid valve, measuring exactness is
It is designed in built-in type to inspect regardless of weather condition or night or day and easy to
   disassemble for cleaning and also convenient to carry.
It is made of stainless material for prevention of rust and no need separate storage place or space.
By the connection of the output of real-time flowing data by RS-422/485 according to special order and
   computer and its peripheral equipment, it is possible to do exact and swift business management.
  It is possible to install with low costs without the limitation of place and space.
Acquired credibiliy in waterworks administration with swift and credible inspection.
Trouble-free and easy to repair and maintain.
  Possible to measure within ±0.5% allowance of Q3, Q2, Q1 certified flow value to 15~40mm of watermeter.
Possible to measure to maximum flow (Q MAX) 12,000 l/hr.
Possible to test internal pressure to maximum pressure 20kgf/cm2
Possible to set using pressure and to revert automatically after power stoppage.
  Registered patent
Registered design

Fixed Water meter Test Equipment can perform the inspection on a large scale including flow test
and inside pressure test. This equipment is divided into two kinds. One is for testing of 15mm,
20mm, 25mm and the other is for testing of 32mm, 40mm, 50mm. According to your special order,
it is also possible to manufacture in one equipment from 15mm to 50mm.