The total flow rate can be obtained by measuring a bypass flow rate produced by differential pressure generated before and behind an orifice plate. Flow meters are manufactured based on the above principle comprises of a base socket and cell block (flow rate indicator). Differential pressure is generated by the orifice plate installed inside the base socket and flow produced by the differential pressure is drawn to the
cell block through an inflow chamber. In the cell block, fluid gets into a tapered tube via a strainer and
moves the float up and down. The scale of total flow rate in the main tube is marked on the outer face of tapered tube with respect to the float position. Differential pressure generated before and behind the orifice plate in the main tube is virtually equal to that generated before and behind a small port in the cell block.
The main flow and bypass flow are in proportion enabling to measure the flow rate.
  1. Easy and exact reading of the flowrate.
2. Simple structure and use.
3. Measurement of large flow rate is possible with small device.
4. Easy separation from pipe.
5. No restriction of the fluid direction.
6. Can be separated and cleaned without disturbing the flow of the fluid
7. Easy to check and repair.