These flowmeters have metal bodies so that they can stand up to high pressure and temperature and
have superior mechanical intensity.
Flow rate is indicated by the magnetic coupling of the magnetic needle in the scale box and the magnet inside the float. The needle inside the scale box moves in proportion to the flow rate.
These flowmeters have excellent corrosion resistance by teflon lining in inner section.
The float moves in proportion to the flow and this movement is transmitted to main lever inside pipe
by means of magnetic coupling.
The potentiometer which is linked to main lever converts mechanical displacement to electric signal.
This electric signal through electronic circuit sends out electric signal in proportion to flow.
There are MLA SERIES that indicate and check flow rate and MLB SEREIS that the fluid isn't inflowed by attaching air chamber.

  1. Flow ratio: 10:1
2. Accuracy : ±2% F.S
3. Local indicating
4. Output : DC 4~20mA.pulse.
5. Application to opaque and sludge fluids, and in high pressure and temperature.
6. Easy to install and repair.
7. High mechanical durability.