THERMAL DISPERSION SENSORS use two ratio-metrically matched platinum resistance temperature detectors (RTDs) which are mounted securely witthin the probe assembly.
A forced null Wheatstone Bridge preferentially heats one RTD. The second RTD acts as a temperrature
reference by taking on the temperature of the flowing gas. As heat is dissipated from the heated RTD
by the gas, it creates an increased power demand.
The power demand is proportional to the gas mass flow rate, allowing our sensors to directly measure
the hgas molecular rate of flow.
This enables the sensor to provide a true gas mass flow rate signal. Since no corrections are required,
the signal can be directly interfaced with process or data acquisition systems.
  1. High accuracy and credibility. (±1.0% of Indication value)
2. Flow measuring scope is wide. (Turn Down Ratio Max. 1,000 : 1)
3. Temperature is automatically compensated and pressure compensation isn't needed.
4. To measure mass flow without any influence of temperature and pressure.
5. Temperature range is wide. (-40℃ ~ 400℃)
6. It is smoothly worked under low velocity of the fluid. (0.07 m/sec)
7. Easy to install and No need BY-PASS. (Ball Valve Retractor)
8. It is possible to change sensor or MP-Board in working field. (No need Factory Recalibration)