As the flow meter that applied the principle of Karman Vortex, when the fluid is flowing after installing the sensor of delta shape vertically in pipe, the vortex is generated at both sides of delta and vortex wave
of apex of delta measures flow rate in proportion to the velocity of the fluid.

1. Simple structure and design. It is easy to keep and lasts long because there is no rotating part.
2. The temperature, pressure, viscosity and density of fluid don't influence to the accuracy of the sensor.
3. Wide measuring range. Generally, high ratio of 10:1.
4. Since measuring part doesn't contact the fluid directly, the flow meter has strong durability.
5. The output is pulse signal and possible to transmit remotely.
6. Small pressure loss.
    - Gas : Saturated steam, Overheated steam, Condensed air, Carbon gas, natural gas and so on.
    - Liquid : Water, oil, chemicals, refined petroleum and so on.